Kids best friends. Does your child have one. Do you approve?

United States
November 30, 2007 3:33pm CST
Is there anything wrong with a kid having a friend who is not real? My oldest daughter is 4 years old and she never had a make believe friend. My youngest is 2 years old, and she came across something in my sell pile. It is about as tall as her and it is one of those things that you put in your yard for fall. It is a scarecrow/turkey. She has been talking to him and calling him "Bob". Is this okay. I mean she is not hurting anything by playing with him, but like I said, I did not experience anything like this with my other girl.... Share some stories with me please...and input.
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• United States
5 Dec 07
I think you have nothing to worry about. If she was saying the same things to her teddy bear versus a less obvious item, you wouldn't be worrying. She obviously has a good, active imagination. All kids are different. In my family, my sister was very headstrong and my mother was constantly clutching her copy of "the strong willed child" and reading it all the time. My brother always wanted to please and was social and interested in all other people. I was more into hanging out with my dog and reading and I just couldn't be bothered with stuff the other two were into. Its like someone randomly dropped us all into the same family. And personalities come out at a very early age.
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@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
11 Dec 07
yes my 3 year old has a best friend. he sees him 2 times aweek. It used to 4 times but its bad weather here and I can't walk up that huge mountain with all this ice everywhere. so when he see's him he always gives him hugs. when he knows we're going to see him he says to me" Jacob" with smile and I say yes lets go visit him. he has so much time playing with him. Jacob is 4 yrs. but my son loves playing with him more then his other friends. Thats how I know he's best friends with him.