what is the relationship between love and flowers?

November 30, 2007 9:53pm CST
well dear how are you today my topic is about the relationship of flowers and love what is the mistery behind this thing, does any body know about that thing well ithing the flower is the symbol of share love to easch other and the prove of this sentence is the smell of flower that atracts every one and push him/her to make love them what is your opinion about that
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• India
1 Dec 07
Friend, There is really a realtionship between love and flower.If we see a flower,what would we feel.We feel how good it is.We love its smell.If we see bunch of them,we feel very happy,our mind would be diverted from other things and gets a pleasant atmosphere in us.Our mind gets lot of stress freeness.In the same way if we love any body,we would have that kind of atmosphere in us.Only with love u can acheive anything.Along with u should have paitency and confidence too in the thing u want to achieve.Only then u r dreams come true. what do u say friend have a nice day http://beautysceneries.blogspot.com