Bitter individuals

United States
November 30, 2007 11:11pm CST
Do you know someone that, instead of trying to change their life has actually begun to blame everyone and everything for their problems? Someone that, instead of trying to change their luck, just sits and wallows in self pity because it gets them some sort of (sick) attention because they crave any type of attention at all? If so, how do you deal with that person? Do you find these types of people toxic to how you're trying to live your life?
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@magica (3709)
• Bulgaria
1 Dec 07
May be all of us have some periods of self-blaming, total pesimism and lack of desire to fight.But this is different.If i know them as different people with positive characteristics, probably i will be tolerant and accept their current behaviour as something temporary.But if this is any form of energy vampire-this can be very toxic indeed and i will do my best to isolate myself from this.
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• United States
1 Dec 07
I think as a whole, we all have periods in our lives where we are pessimistic, but some people just take things too far. I for one, can fell the tension and the bad energy from these types of people and it's stressful to everyone involved. I think some of that energy ends up transforming other's luck as well. It's like a sinking ship where the captain makes everyone go down with them.
@lucky_witch (2710)
• Philippines
1 Dec 07
well, I know people who has actually making their lives worst and blaming it to others. I dont know why there are people like this and why are they letting their lives be miserable. Some blame it because they have a broken family, some because of their friends, some because of the the things that they dont have...
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