a biological father with visitation rights, what to do?

@mistissa (1350)
December 1, 2007 2:33am CST
Hello everyone, I have a daughter together with my ex. He ahs visitation rights to take her 2 weekends a month. My daughter is now 7,5 years old. Here comes the problem, she really does not want to go, she will cry and scream whenever she has to go with him. I have the feeling something is not right over there. But I have no proof. What would you do in my position, she does not want to talk about anything that happens there. But seeing her screaming and getting really upset every time is not working out either. I am not on speaking terms with my ex, because he beat us up several times and still stalks me.There is a court order saying she has to go to him. Please can anyone give me some advice
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@williamjisir (22884)
• China
1 Dec 07
Hello dear mistissa. I think that it is better for the father of the your daughter not to force the little girl to stay with him for half a month if she is not happy to. I would suggest that he try to be nice to the little girl before she agrees to stay with him as requested. Good luck to you all, dear mistissa.
@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
1 Dec 07
thanks you for your comment, the problem is that he does force her to stay with him. And if I disregard the court order I have to pay a big fine. I think it is better if she does not go for a while, but he insists.
• China
1 Dec 07
Such being the case, I think that it is better for the father to be nicer to his daughter. I hope that he will be nice to her this time without making her feel unhappy and unwilling to go next time. Good luck to this little girl and you as well. Have a good weekend, my dear friend.
@rb200406 (1824)
• India
2 Dec 07
See this is a serious problem & needs to be tackled.You cannot ignore it it as seems to be really serious.try to be open with your daughter.consult a lawyer & ask if something could be done lawfully as thsi person is seriously disturbing your dughter.This can lead to mental disturbances for your daughter.You have to act fast.
3 Dec 07
I agree with rb200406. This is a very serious matter.It will be better for u to consult ur attorney and find a way out, instead of u & ur daughter suffering.All the best.
@fredgame (1261)
• China
5 Dec 07
This is a big problem but i think the best way to do is to see a counsellor to advice both of you on how to keep the cild well. if you can't tell him, i think you can see his best friend and tell him the situation and he'll convince him otherwise the child will have emotional problem. encourage the child and she may tell you what happens at the father's home. this is what i've to say. good luck.