Suddenly,I realize I have so many things left---unfufiled^^

December 1, 2007 4:25am CST
Although I am socalled "an English Major Student",I feel nervous about this position.I find I^m not a qualified Enlish Major.My pronunciation was so poor,with very heavy accent,and also the spelling . Why should others be able to make that beautiful voice?Why can they get such pure Enlish? I am in an ordinary family---too ordinary to get any extra packetmoney for me. No!I should not complain!I^m happy enough!!Enough to strenghthen,to be healthy and to have a target to strive for! then,I^d like to share with you those that I am eager to pursuit. I want to be a translator --to translate Chanese into English.I dream to make large money--large enough for me to help the Tibet children,their study their daily lives... since I have suffered locking of money,I don^t allow them to suffer like me.--That is,as it were,my dream,or probobaly only an idealism,if I don^t have the capacity of success.
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