Which place is the better for selling books half.com or amazon.com?

@magnet (2087)
United States
December 1, 2007 6:59am CST
I have books that I want to sell and give away. Which place is the best place to sell books amazon.com or half.com I think that both places does not have a fee unless a book or item sells. How about the shipping? I saw that someone was selling a book for 99 cents does the buyer pay the shipping or the seller and who decides how much shipping that the customer pay?
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• Canada
18 May 10
Half.com usually charges the buyer between $2.99 and $4.99 per book. Half.com is much newer than Amazon so Amazon is more popular, however Half.com is also growing because it its simplicity. We designed a software named ScanLister, it works directly with your half.com account. If you have a ton of books and you don't feel like typing in every single 10-13 digit ISBN number, try out our software. You can set prices and conditions to multiple books and also bulk upload them all to you Half.com account. Say you want to stay competitive; make the setting 20% less than the cheapest for sale. Yes ScanLister also does price research. We have lots of videos and tutorials on our website: http://www.ScanLister.com
12 Jan 13
I have been trying to download Scanlister.com for two weeks. I have had a horrible experience with the entire company. They have had to send 15 attempts to download. I have sent over 10 emails BEGGING for help form lloyd@scanlister.com and sent carbon copies to the support center. The support center has never contacted me. I have called Mr. Clark 3 times. He has never called me back. He just sends more links. He said he could remotely load it on my computer. I can not get him or his company to help me. ml_direct@cox.net BUYERS BEWARE DO NOT BUY
@heatherc (398)
• United States
2 Dec 07
I've sold on both sites. For me, it really depends on which site has the highest lowest current offer. Meaning if someone on Half.com is selling something for $1 and a seller on Amazon is selling the same item for $5, I'd rather list it on Amazon for $4.50 and have it sell quickly than list it for less than $1 on Half. Last I checked, Amazon's fees were slightly higher, but it's worth it if you are making more of a profit. Both sites have preset shipping compensation. It's required to ship the book at the promised speed (ie. Priority or Media depending on which method the buyer paid for) even if the actual shipping costs exceed the amount given by the site. Both places are free unless you sell the item. After it sells, they take a commission from the purchased price. I have both sites set up to pay directly to my bank account so I never have to worry about getting my money.