What is God ?

October 28, 2006 11:43pm CST
Tell me what is god ? Do u Beleive in god ? What u think , What Is god ?
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@hariholla (414)
• India
29 Oct 06
ask your god if at all exists
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@prasad1961 (5601)
• India
29 Oct 06
God is the author & creator of our life. I do believe in God. But not in a traditional way of Krishna, Vishnu, Siva, Brahma, Allah, Jesus etc,. He is superior to us coz we created by him. Here I'm mentioning with Gender, but actually remove it. To me he is Gender less, Shape less, no biography whatsoever, we don't know any thing about him. Like Father, this universe has a master. He/she is the God. So we have to respect him/her. That's all. Remaining all, like Shirdi, Mathura, Kasi, Thirumala, Watican, Jerusalam all very big scam for earning money. He/she given us life for a specific purpose and given us chance to serve. We have to full fill it. There is no need to turning back and praying him for something else. So In my opinion people goes to temple/mosque/church were going to get blessings for the mistakes they have done. It's purely selfishness of their character, he/she takes care of them at their ripe time. So we need not to go for God, he has given duty we have to perform it. profit/loss is going to his credit. that's my opinion.