Do you ever Wonder If blind people(acquired congenital)Dream in their sleep?

December 2, 2007 5:23am CST
I always dream in my sleep.And throughout the years, I discovered it was a gift gave to me...a warning and a sign to share to my loved ones.It is amazing how every detail of my dreams I remember it.Examples were, my eldest and second sisters having pregnant with their children, their faces is showed in my dreams and before they revealed to me they were pregnant I already knew their genders before they came out from their wombs. Amazingly, though it is such a wonderful experience, I also dream of warnings like 3 months ago, two cousins of mine which I haven't seen physically showed in my sleep dream, looking obese and there was this voice on that dream warning me to tell them to reduced, as the voice says if they WILL NOT, they will have a heart disease that would cause their death. My curiosity is to those with congenital blindness...Not having seen any images, form or light...I wonder how they dream...can they see any images or just sounds are presented in their dream???Remember, since birth they don't have any experience of any images.Dear friends here in my lot any clue or ideas...
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• United States
3 Dec 07
Maybe their minds just come up with random things, even if they have never seen them. I can't imagine them not dreaming anything, but that's just me. ha
• Philippines
3 Dec 07
That's what I had in mind too before. But arr confirmed it.They have more the gift of other sensen morte enhanced than their sign.Thanks for sharing your opinion.Happy my lotting!
• Philippines
3 Dec 07
CORRECTION of my earlier post: That's what I had in mind too before.But arr confirmed it.They have more the gift of other senses like hearing and touch more enhanced than their sight.Thanks for sharing your ideas...Happy my lotting!
@urbandekay (18308)
14 Dec 07
Yes, I have often wondered that, I don't think there is anyway to tell. Even asking a blind person will not do because I think, for various logical reasons, they could not tell you. What could they say? Yes, I see the world as you but how could they no they did. This is a barrier beyond which language cannot pass. all the best urban
• Philippines
15 Dec 07
Hmmn, a deep thought to ponder. Yes, in a way you are right because they can't be descriptive about it as not even once in their life did they experience visualizing objects normally. What was I thinking of an answer to this topic?Gee, thanks!