Had to laugh - 99¢ to make money to make others happy.....

@coffeebreak (17815)
United States
December 2, 2007 10:05am CST
Make Extra Money Daily - Make Wife/Girlfriend Happy! This was the title of some kind of, what I assume ia a book, that was advertised in the box the MyLot has at the top of every screen for things for you to buy via Ebay. I just had to laugh! First, 99ยข - good grief the listing/FV/PP fees are more than that! second, with keywords and search engines being the "ticket" to getting your item found, who would look under "girlfriend" if you are really interested in making money? Okay, well, yeah, if you are looking to make that kind of money, but come on - why would anyone use this in their title for something like this?! (LOL!) I sold books on ebay for about 3 years and struggled and struggled until the fees got the best of me but working so hard to get my item noticed with keywords and specifics and such - and then I see this! Wonder how many he has sold? Maybe I should have been using phrases like "don't buy this book for your kid" and I might have gotten more sales!!!
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