BTDM Tips?

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December 2, 2007 6:58pm CST
What advice or tips would you give to expecting or new mothers?
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@sephrenia (567)
3 Dec 07
Here's a few things I learned as I went along the path of Motherhood. 1. It's okay to let the baby cry - If you've tried everything known to man to get the baby happy again and teh baby still won't quit crying, walk away. It's better to let baby cry for ten minutes so you calm down than lose your temper and nine times out of ten, baby will give up and quiet down anyway. 2. Your home doesn't have to be spotless - Clean your house yes but don't think that you have to have a showhome, nobody will think you're a bad mother for it so go ahead and let the dishes lie for a while, it won't hurt you. 3. Sleep when you can - This I can't stress enough. So many mothers try to do everything they possibly can while baby is sleeping and so they lose out on valuable sleep time that they need themselves. If it absolutely has to be done like paying a bill then fine, go do it but whenever baby sleeps, do the same. It'll make you less likely to be weepy or angry if you do and you'll be more patient whenever little hiccups come along. Those are the three most important that I can think of and the ones that I fell for when I had my first child. If I think of any others, I'll add them.