Who and how much do you tip during the holiday season?

December 2, 2007 10:58pm CST
I have heard you tip your mailman, garbage man, regular hairdressor, etc etc etc. I have never spoken to my garbage men, my mailman comes when we are at work so its the same with him. I heard on the radio that you should tip the cost of a regular visit! It seems a little extreme, the whole tipping your garbagemen and how much you are supposed to dish out to others. Anyone actually tip to this extreme? And if you are someone in one of those professions, do you expect a tip?
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• United States
3 Dec 07
I have actually left tips for my mailcarriers around this time of year; usually it's something small, more the thought of it rather than the value. I left my mailcarrier one year a $10 Starbucks card, something small that was not too cumbersome yet showed my appreciation to them for their hard work. I have never tipped my garbageman, although I don't know how or where to handle that anyways.