Ghost or Supernatural Experiences

December 3, 2007 8:21am CST
Hi All, I was wondering if you had encountered any supernatural experiences before? Let me start, I had just gotten back from a Wedding Party late one night, I belief it was almost 2+ in the morning The design of my lift is as such that it has mirrors almost everywhere So I happened to take a look at myself and adjusting my suit when I noticed the lift was stuck on the 6th floor. It was stuck for at least a minute or two and then (Guys tghis is not a joke) I saw a sweet looking lady standing beside me. She was looking straight at the door. To my relief, the lift started moving and then she turned to look at me Now, my impression of ghosts had always been long-hair, Teeth with fangs, completely white floating and laughing but honestly she was pretty. She looked at me for a long while and then she smiled at me Suddenly the lift doors opened and the automated voice echoed in the lift Level 10 I immediately got out of the lift and when i turned to look back she was gone. I ran all the way home Well that is my story and hopefully it is the last You guys experience or heard of any story?
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