Making Money with Paid to Post

United States
December 3, 2007 9:29am CST
There are several companies I use to make money posting on my blogs. The basic process is having a blog (most require it to be at least a little bit old), writing advertising type blog posts that follow the requirements of the advertiser, and getting paid to do that. I have read a great deal of posts and articles about this not being ethical, however I see it as no different then any other type of ad as long as it is revealed that it is just that! I live in the United States and don't know much about how these companies work in other countries. I know that at least some of them do! PayPerPost-PayPerPost is the company that is really the biggest right now. They have about 200 different opportunities each day (some run over from days previously). They require that your blog be 90 days old. They take awhile to approve your blog and the first ten posts are the hardest. It takes some time working through the kinks that you have in understanding. They are a world wide company so you can join no matter what country you are in. I believe that it might be easier to make money if you are in the Americas and especially North America (including the US, Mexico, and Canada). The advertisers pick out what page ranked blog they want, as well as some other things. So, you won't have many options when you first start out (I usually get ten a week). If you have issues or questions you can go to their forums where others will help you! Oh, by the way, I have received lots of payments from them! If you want more information I did a post about them all by themselves. Bloggerwave-Bloggerwave is very similar only much newer. It is also based out of Europe. I have made 20 dollars with them. They are supposedly growing, but not very fast. I think that if you are from a country in Europe or Asia you are more likely to get offers with them. Blogvertise-I have gotten a few offers from Blogvertise. I don't know much about the background of this company, but right now they haven't got a ton of opportunities available. They do however, e-mail you and give you five days to finish the ad. This lets you control spacing as well as letting you make it on the side in your time frame much easier (PayPerPost you have to get on and check for opportunities. You can reserve one for six hours, but if you want more then one you need to keep working it). CREAMaid-This one is done a lot different. You don't have to register your blog. I have written four of these, maybe five and had two accepted. It seems like there are some bugs. But when you are accepted then you get that money with in 24 hours. CREAMaid is in beta and from some correspondence I have had with them, it sounds like they will only get better. This is all I have for now. But if you are interested there are lots more money making posts coming!
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