WidgetBucks.com Are they really good?

December 3, 2007 11:27am CST
I have tested it for a few days. So far no earning stats is showing up even though I have sent a few hundred clicks to them, we still have to see how well this ads is paying. Regarding the CTR, the ads is getting approximately 0.24% CTR on my site (I put it on one of my site only), which is miserable comparing to my shopping.com, shopzilla and chitika ads on the same site. One reason to explain for such a low CTR is probably because they don't allow you to show ads according to a specific keyword you enter. You are only allowed to choose from a few categories and their sub-categories. That's why the ad itself is not as targeted as ad from its competitor. The good thing is, the design of the ad is quite eye catching. "IF" they are offering a decent CPC, this is not a bad choice. All we can do is wait for a couple more days to see how the earning goes.
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