Makati Standoff Trillanes Walkout

Trillanes - This photo is from google search for pictures.
@myrrhyne (107)
December 3, 2007 9:07pm CST
I was watching this news in the television that Sen. Trillanes walkout in their hearing last thursday afternoon. I was here in school then, I heared about that issue i though that was only a simple walkout. So i don't want to mind that nonsense issue maybe- i thought. But when in my way home i learned that that was already in alert. There was force entry to the hotel to arrest Trillanes and some of his escorts and others. There were gunshots, tear gas, and all. What a tense happen to them specially the civilians and the reporters. Some of the reporters their hands was tied. I really hate watching them (reporters) some how accusing them. Or bringing them to investigate them. What they are doing is just cover what may happen. That was my first time watching tv that i really interested on. heheheh. What can you say about what happen to that "rebellon actions"(is this the real term)? I actually voted trillanes during the election. What he was trying to bring about to the government is that he must also join the sessions that senators should be. Or some meetings that he is supposed to be there.:) Or maybe he wants to free him as a free man and as a Senator.
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@jimbelle (485)
• Philippines
6 Dec 07
The occurrence in Makati was frustrating for a man like Trillanes. What he said are true. Many in the government are corrupt, etc... But what he did was not an acceptable means especially in his stature as a senator. Perhaps his cause and grievances are valid but he made a fool of himself. In Oakwood and the incident few days ago did not have the support of the business sector in Makati . People are tired of it. Nobody among our politician is a better alternative to GMA anyway. More so in a military take over. So lets just pray for a miracle for our country.... Nothing can be done if our government officials will not change.
• Philippines
5 Dec 07
i guess yun ang mali sa government natin, we allow somebody in prison to run for government office :-) i actually voter for Trillanes but i think what he did in the Makati stand off was a cowardice, unfit for a senator... he should have fought for his ideals and principles to the end rather than surrender..... a lot of Filipino mylotters here feels the same way i think...