Why does my dog love cell phones?

United States
December 3, 2007 9:19pm CST
I have an 8 year old dog who does not chew anything he shouldn't. A few years ago, however, we noticed that our cell phone antennas and cordless phone antennas were always mysteriously chewed. Of course, we figured out that it was him and don't let them in his reach. (and we have a dog that is younger too but he doesn't do it) Recently we had a guest over who had a cell phone attached to his belt and my dog tried to sit close to them and started scratching at his phone!I know dogs can hear a much higher frequency than we can. Does he do this because he can't stand or likes the "sounds" of the signal? Or it confuses him? You might think its the type of plastic - but he doesn't chew any other type of plastic and its only the type of cell phone where you can lengthen the antenna. With a Fusio that has the little stubby antenna he doesn't do it. (of course we keep everything out of his reach now but still don't know what his big obsession is. but there was a time when he pulled a bag off a chair and dug to get the cell phone - very strange).
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@binhai (9)
• China
4 Dec 07
Strange dog!I think it like a man hate something.maybe the cell phone hurt it.
• United States
4 Dec 07
We have had my dog since he was 17 months old. No one ever abused him - and he likes to bite cell phone antennas regardless of if they belong to a man or woman. Its the type of phone that makes a difference. It is just the strangest thing.
@ravibabli (1557)
• India
4 Dec 07
dog - ..
it's a very funtastic story