can u forget ur 1st meetin ans 1st kiss from ur lover?/

October 29, 2006 12:52am CST
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@gz1282 (572)
• United States
29 Oct 06
My last lover is my husband. No how could I forget!? The first time he kissed me, he actually stole that kiss from me and ran away because he thought I was going to slap him. It was the best kiss I had ever had. It felt so good. Even though his lips were on mine for only a moment I felt them the whole night. I am glad he kissed me first.
• India
29 Oct 06
my first meeting maybe, because it wasn't that great.. but my first kiss (sigh), i'll never ever forget that. It was the single most amazing moment in my life. That was when nothing else mattered around me and the earth made no sound. Although we are not together anymore, I'll always treasure that moment. :)