Are Video Games Getting Too Violent

@vmenard (895)
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December 4, 2007 4:17pm CST
There has been recent debate of the violence in video games. I've played Resident Evil, Need for Speed and actually am interested in the Sopranos game, only because I loved the series. Are these video games bad, teach violence. These games are obviouly not for young kids, but are they good for 17 and over?
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4 Dec 07
The way I feel about it is, as long as the parents teach their children that what is done on video games and sometimes on tv, would land them in a heap of trouble if they ever tried it. I don't believe the hoopla about video games and tv teaching the child that violence is ok, it's a lack of parental guidance. I mean I played violent games and have watched violence on tv throughout nearly my entire childhood, and I am no where near being a violent person. *Shrugs* I guess it's just one of them things that depends on how a person views it.