Have you gone treasure hunting?

@michecu (637)
December 4, 2007 10:31pm CST
Recently, I really got interested with this subject. I love adventure and I guess treasure hunting is the most challenging and exciting form of adventure. I'd like to go treasure hunting but I know it is somewhat risky. How about you,would you join any treasure hunting expedition? Or have you ever been to one...how's the experience? :)
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• United States
2 Jan 08
Michecu, What a great idea you have. I cannot imagine a real treasue hunt but I am sure it would be a great deal of fun. Two of my friends and I have our own version of "treasure hunting". It is when we take the day (usually a Friday or a Saturday) and go to flea markets and antique stores. We stay together for awhile and then split up to go to our own interests. We meet later in a designated spot where we get something to eat and drink and show each other the "treasures" of the day we have found. I know it's not nearly as glamourous as what you describe, but we do have a lot of fun. ~Donna
@williamjisir (22882)
• China
5 Dec 07
Hello michecu. I have never gone treasure hunting and I don't think that I will ever go as there is not such a place for us to go to. I would spare the treasure hunting chance to someone else, who would be happy to go. hehe. Thanks for your disussion, dear michecu.