what'll be happened when manner being overdone?

December 4, 2007 10:45pm CST
can you imagine what'll be happened when you treat somebody OVER mannerly? try to suppose you're in a West restaurant then the waiter may ask you that how do you like your beefsteak done sir;i fairly believe most people will call for "medium or medium well" but not "overdone"!burnt taste should be not good!that's what i wanna say today!i treat one staff mannerly always;that is,be polite for EVERYTHING.no order but just PLEASE. she's job is to handle all products schedule every day. i try to take photos by myself at first coz my French partner needs pics for each processing station.my original purpose is to keep more attention to it w/o any neglect. one day i asked her to take pictures for me since i have no time and,that's her work anyway.guess what she said? "hey,i'm so busy today!"that's the result!surely,i'm just a sales man and have no right to order/ask her to do anything.BUT,1st,coco always say"could you please help me to do it WHEN YOU HAVE TIME";2cd,that's HER JOB. i'm puzzling...
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