Is Good Memory a Boon or a Curse ?

December 4, 2007 11:32pm CST
It set me thinking. With good memory, I can be on the top of my profession and has many many plus points. But then, I will also remember all the hurt and harm done to me, the people who were rude to me or humiliated me etc. etc. Today, with my average memory, I tend to forget petty things which had hurt me and am back to normal the next day. I even forget why I fought with my husband yesterday ! So friends, what is your opinion ?
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@shadow9 (238)
• Romania
5 Dec 07
good memorys are what you make them ... as memorys in general ... if you want to forget something you must forget the good and the bad it is true ... but bad memorys as well as good are lessons, if you have bad memorys search for the reason it happened and make sure you fix it so it dosen't happen again ... and good memorys ar not always good, it may be something good but it leads to something bad witch makes it worst because you think continuesly about it so u must forget it or try to get used to it and become confortable until there is no point in remembering
@Kate324 (46)
• China
5 Dec 07
Good memory we can keep for long time,bad memory also can remain in our mind as long as we live.I hope I can forget worst things,but it is impossible,but maybe we can think from aother side.The bad memory can make us learn more,teach us develop well in future.