d0nt u think Gwen soMewat Modonna?

December 5, 2007 12:01am CST
Ever someone compared Gwen wit Mondonna,& then i felt she rlly s0mewAt liKe early Mondonna...pretty,fashion,sexy & creative...
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• Philippines
13 Jan 08
yeah !gwen look like madonna..but she have also a good talent and sexy body .
• China
14 Jan 08
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• Indonesia
17 Dec 07
I'm fans of both Madonna and Gwen Stefani If i have to compared them, i would started wit: Madonna's a huge, legend artist ever. Madonna and Gwen have their own attitude& style. Ya know, Gwen is much pretty, sweet style. Besides Madonna is mascullin style :)
• China
17 Dec 07
haha...hohoooohhhooo...nice response n thx4it. wat i mean da 2 similar jus cuz their gud sense of fashion n their talent,nuthin serious else...haha...hv fun!
• Australia
5 Dec 07
I would say that Gwen is very much like Madonna in her early years with the way Gwen behaves the way she moves gwen really knows how to put on a show for her fans just as madonna has done all through her career. I am a big fan of both Madonna and Gwen Stefani they both have a good sense for Fashion they know how to entertain their audience sexualy they both are creative when it comes to pleasing their fans.
• China
6 Dec 07
thx4ur resp0nse...d0 appreciate it cuz we g0t da similaR thouGhtz...hahahaha...hv fun...