The Secret.

December 5, 2007 1:55pm CST
I have just discovered part of what the secret is about. I cannot believe that there is someone out there profiting from something that is so obvious. We here it in songs, poems, phrases and quotes.....Just believe & be open minded. All this fuss about The Secret, when all it really is, is just mind power and your will to believe. It won't change anything. You might feel a change, but that's because you're thinking the book has done some sort of magic. I think the only reason it has become this 'big thing', is because it's called the secret & we can't hear about a secret without wanting to know what it is. Just plain & simple....we're curious.
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@whittby (3073)
• United States
23 Jan 08
Just got the book and I find it intriguing. But you're right, hasn't this been out there quite a while in one form or another. However..... I aim to give this a try.
25 Jan 08
It has been out there. For centuries. Rhonda Byrne even says so. She got it from people through out time. The problem is that while it has been out there, and people know about it, so many people don't use it. Or don't realize that they CAN be happy and have what they want in life.
• Philippines
12 Mar 08
Hello mz_portuguesa :) You right, "The Secret" is not really a secret at all. The principles there are just a "re-packaging" of the same princples that have been taught by others before. Like gratitude, visualization, positive thinking, etc. I did not see anything new in what were presented in the movie/book. There are hundreds of books about Positive Thinking. Soon the popularity of this book will go down, and then another one (with the very same topic/subject) will come and people would go crazy about it again. But like so many people, I watch "The Secret" every now and then because, as I've pointed out, people forget, and I forget. That is why I need to be reminded every now and then. :)
@Jamian (2604)
• Philippines
7 Jan 08
for me its really true, what you put in your mind, it will really happen, just always work for it.
• Romania
28 Dec 07
Yes I discovered too...and I totally believe in it...I mean..since I started to apply life changed..and I mean it. Although I still have to learn more...I understood the most important thing : BE full of happiness and graceful
@inay77 (15)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 07
i believe the secret 100%, because i find people around me or myself doing that before that book launched... example, i had friend who her parent is a poor people. they can't pay phone bill, or no money for buy food. She is keep thinking that she must go to college which so expensive here. Suddenly after 1 year graduate from high school her "ex-junior high school boyfriend" meet her and ask her to be his girlfriend. he is Rich people's son, and he give her money to pay that college. (I still hate her for her luck :(( )
@kurtbiewald (2627)
• United States
5 Dec 07
no I don't care what it is