How many foreign languages could you speak? What's your mother tongue?

@fanji008 (782)
December 6, 2007 8:18am CST
Hi,there! I've seen many discussions here talking about English which is the worldwide language.I'd like to know how many foreign languages could you speak? What are they? Do you think they're beneficial for you in your daily life? In what aspect? BTW:What's your mother tongue? Let's share this.I think it's pretty interesting:)
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• Pakistan
26 Dec 07
My national language is Urdu, I think it is a foreign language as per reference frame of you. Hindko is my mother tongue, pushto is my regional language and English is a foreign language to me. I can speak a bit Hindi and Persian which are also foreign languages as per my frame of reference.
@peanutjar (5200)
• Canada
8 Dec 07
Hi fanji :) I can speak french and my mother tongue is english.I speak alot of french where i live since it is a french speaking town.I had to learn this here of course,hahahaha!My moms mother tongue is french and the whole side of her family is french,but since my grandparents(dads english)raisd me thats why i speak english. Peanutjar:)
@diillu (5121)
6 Dec 07
I have always been intrested in learning many foreign languages as I could. And the most intresting language for me has been French and Korean. They sounds so intresting and I have been taking french language class but I could do nothing about korean. Apart from that I can speak English, Spanish and little bit of chinese as well.