Zotspot and SlashMySearch

December 6, 2007 10:04am CST
What are the major differences and similarities between these two seach engines?
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@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
7 Dec 07
The similarity is that they both pay you to use their search engine. The difference is that slashmysearch pays a whole lot more then zotspot.
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• Philippines
9 Dec 07
Thanks for the reply. I am using slashmysearch and I have read zotspot on one of the forum thread here in mylot. At least I have an idea now. Thank you again.
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• Argentina
14 Dec 07
I used to have slashmysearch, and I gave up. After many months I only had like 2 cents on my account. So if zotspot pays a lot less... not for me, thank you! LOL!!
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@mensab (4204)
• Philippines
26 Dec 07
the similarity between the two (zotspot and slashmysearch) is that both is a search engine that pays. the difference is that zotspot is now gone (goodsearch replaced zotspot) and slashmysearch is still operating. i received 17 cents from zotspot for being a member in less than a month, while slashmysearch is very generous. in just 5 days, i already earned 14 dollars. i hope slashmysearch truly pays.
• Australia
17 Apr 08
SlashMysearch is much better than Zotspot as we will earn $0.25 per hour....It's not bad. Well, I hear that no one gets paid from Slashmysearch. However, the website said that they should really get paid. However, they must wait for 1 month for getting paid
• Janesville, Wisconsin
27 Dec 07
Zotspot recently closed... I wish they had no.. So I am trying slashmysearch I made 1-5 dollars on zotspot a month.. but slash my search claims 25$ my first week.. I tried to request pay out I guess they pay quarterly because I could not request yet.... Most sites have at least 1 month waiting period before they will let you pay out search ones.. we'll see.. I hope slash my search pays as promised if it does I can turn one of my favorite hobbies which is constant searching and learning and sharing, into a good paying profit to help me out of poverty, as well as to help everyone around me. - DNatureofDTrain