I got a question for catholics....

December 6, 2007 5:44pm CST
if you are catholic please answer me.. do you believe that because of your infant baptism you are "saved" AND NOT MATTER WHAT YOU DO YOU WILL BE SAVED forever?
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8 Dec 07
I don't think anyone believes that. As I understand it, baptising infants is meant to cleanse them of original sin so that if they do have the misfortune to die before being capable of faith on their own behalf, they will be assured of their place in heaven. Once they have reached an age where they are capable of sinnning in their own right, and also of believing in the Lord, they should be confirmed in the Church. But, Catholics have to keep being cleansed of their sins through confession, communion and other sacraments. It is an ongoing process and not a one-shot deal.
@rdurusan (624)
• Philippines
7 Dec 07
I am a former catholic believer,if you are reading the bible you will recall that the 12 apostles are baptized as adults,so the parents have no right to make their children baptized in their accustomed religion.There is no guarantee that being baptized you are saved,it takes a lot of work and faith to be saved.Judas,one of the apostles is baptized by Jesus or another apostle and yet sinned in the end and is very sure not saved because he takes his own life.I'm trying to say that the one who baptized Judas is a certified holy man,while the priests are not certified holy,how can they guarantee your salvation if they themselves are not worthy to perform the rites of baptism.
@marinarovi (1318)
• Argentina
7 Dec 07
No, of course not. nothing you do, including baptism and comunion, does "save" you for future sins. WE're always supposed to behave well and be good to others, among a lot of "rules" I mean. And then, when the time comes, we shall be tried for what we did, by all of what we did, good and bad, throughout our lives. Who told you baptism was a forgive-all kind of thing? Do you really think that being catholic and baptised I can for example go kill somebody and that would be allright?!?!?!?
@vera5d (4006)
• United States
7 Dec 07
supposedly yes...though the priest at our church told us that everything is for god to decide...baptism or not...no matter what may have happened in your life. it is a touchy subject with a lot of folks.