Keeping kids entertained quietly

@tiffiny (872)
United States
December 7, 2007 1:43pm CST
Ok here's the deal. My husband is working nights this week and I have to keep my very active son quiet from ten am untill ten pm. We go to the library and that's about it. Any other suggestions? Also my daughter will be with us and she's ten months and my son is three.
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@wmaharper (2316)
• United States
8 Dec 07
I would suggest finding some clean indoor play areas at Mcdonalds, burger king or chick fillet (usually has the cleanest ones) make breakfast, and leave just after your hubby gets home. Take along a snack and invite some friends to meet you there. If you only have to do it for a week, you could go to a different one every other day, from 10:30, until 1:30, then they can come home and have a nap, (the three year old could play quietly with puzzles or watch a video) then after that, they could go for a walk, go to the mall, go somewhere. It will be easier to keep them happy and quieter if you are not home. Since you are only doing it for a week. If it was long term, your hubby would just have to get used to it, and he problably would. Maybe get him some ear plugs. My sister works over nights, and she bought some ear plugs, and said that made a big difference. If you have a close friend, who wouldn't mind the invasion, try and see if you can come over a couple times during the week, so your kids can just be kids, and run around and play. Otherwise some fun indoor activities, painting, coloring, puzzles, play dough etc. Good luck to you, hope it goes well.
@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
7 Dec 07
what I do is play with my son quietly with his little. cars we've been doing this for a 2 years he knows when I say play with your quiet toys, he can't play with anything else then his cars or stuffed animals. we need quiet time and he gets time out if he is not quiet. Sometimes I play with him and other times he just plays alone. I don't have any other kids.
@Celanith (2334)
• United States
7 Dec 07
First of all I would put on a fan and some very soft type music in your husbands sleep area something he is comfortable with. White Noise which helps to drown out other noises. I have to do this and it works fine. Secondly your son needs to be active. Take him for a walk make a fun time of it. Play I spy (a squirrel, red car, little girl, man walking dog etc) have him play with you see what he spys. When home get out some color books, crayons, glue, paper, sissors, pens, stickers and be creative and artistic. Tell him to be quiet and pay him a dime, quarter for his quiet. Put on a video movie that is turned down so he can hear it but won't disturb hubby if possible. Go to a park and swing or slide and take a ball. Go to the animal shelters and look at the cats and dogs there. Of course this might cause a plea to get one. Go shopping for daddy for the holidays let him choose something with your guidance for daddy. Tell him sh we need to be quiet and wrap it as a surprise for daddy. Get out your picture albums and quietly look at them or read him a story quietly. See if you can have him visit a freind for a couple of hours or even overnight if old enough or visit grandma and grandpa, uncle, aunts???? Let him help make some cookies but he has to be quiet and reward him for quiet with 3-4 and a big glass of milk. Put him down for a nap for an hour or two if need depends on his age lie down with him and read softly til he falls asleep this will give you some free time too. Hope some of these ideas will help.
@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
7 Dec 07
Wow, that is a long time to keep kids quiet. especially at that age. They need to run around and play, even joining a play group I don't think would be enough. Is there anyway to soundproof the room your husband is in? I don't know where you live, but if the weather permits, I would suggest taking them outside as much as possible too, but that won't help in poor weather.. I think as I read back on what I said, the best would be to sound proof the room and let your kids be kids..