Wha are you least looking forward to visiting this Christmas?

@Nykkee (2523)
December 7, 2007 9:26pm CST
Evryone has one of them in thier family, a relative that they feel obligated to visit over the holidays but actually dread spending time with. For me it's my inlaws. We visit them every Christmas and have a holiday meal. I don't really mind that viit so much, although it's near impossible for me to get myself included in any convorations there except for with my neices, but thats another discussion altogether. The visit that annoys me is the one after Christmas Day when people show you thier gifts that they recieved. The reason I don't like seeing my in-laws gifts is because they will make negative comments about the gifts tha people got for them and I can only imagine what they say about us and our gift when they are showing them to someone else. So who is it for you, who do you not really look forwar to visiting over the holidays? And what is the reason?
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• China
9 Dec 07
I am looking forward to the great success in my work. It is my first year to work.So, I hope it can be very successful. Gifts are not what I wanna get. Of course, if someone gives me some gifts, I will be very happy. No matter it is expensive or not, If someone gives you some gifts, that means he is good to you. You should cherish for this. Hope everyone can have a happy Christmas day!
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