December 8, 2007 4:05am CST
Now I can't belieive I have friends at university.Because of the profile .Everyone want to get the money ,even though we are roommates or sisters.
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• Malaysia
30 Dec 07
You did not have friends or you did not have self-confident communicating with all of your friends? Do you recognize, what is your main problem? You should find your weakness, either you have problem with the surrounding or they caused the problems. In your present life, are you quotidian these same problems? Better you ask yourself for solution findings. Actually, you should not have any hope when you gain engage relationship because it came from the bottom of your heart. From there, you will know for what you want because from your relations, you will get positive and negative traits. Practice give and take in your friendship,and result speaks itself. I hope, you will find true friends in future when you are SINCERE and FORGIVENESS.
@prxch_18 (143)
• India
8 Dec 07
hi! i don't know what you are trying to ask or what you are trying to describe but since the topic is friendship so i am just talking about friendship.Its obvious that money is important but nothing is more than friendship. If someone becomes your friend because of money then he can never be your true friend, its just a show up. Friends are meant to touch each others heart, help each other and other stuffs but not because of money. Sorry if i have mistaken the answer, just leave a comment. I would love to answer it again.