relationship blues

United States
December 8, 2007 8:46pm CST
ok what if your with someone and dont know if you really wanna be with them or not? you like that they are there but they get on your nerves and drive you crazzi at the same time. they are your shadow and you cant do anything with out them? they are jealous over you but you are the same with them. is it because they rubbed off on you? cant stand them near cant stand them far away. we even broke up fpr a month but wanted to be back together. and the 1st month was great but now these feeling have come back. i wanna go out with my girls and not feel guilty. what do i do? im confused. i wanna be single but agian i dont. i dont wanna loose him either. i guess i still want freedom. maybe. i dont know. im a big mess. and as in freedom i dont mean going out and being all crazzi just haveing a lil fun no cheating no lies no dumb ish. even though he has lied to me a few times. help! what would you do?
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@dbmax41 (585)
• United States
9 Dec 07
I've been there. Tough spot to be in. Priorities. What is more important in your life right now? Job? Friends? Love? Family? Wants and needs? Try writing it down and read it tomarrow. Dont second guess yourself and believe in your decissions. Be strong and when you do this, tell him. Honesty is best.