Enlighten Me with My Concerns on Hosting my Blog in my Own Domain..Thanks!

@MarieJ23 (1041)
United States
December 9, 2007 3:00pm CST
First of all, I hope that this post is allowed here... Fellow myloters, I need your help. I planned to host my blog to my own domain from blogspot. I am planning to get the 1and1 web hosting. Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I understand and what my friends told me, everything in my blog will remain the same except that I will have a new URL without the blogspot in it. My main concern is, I am into paid blogging right now like PPP, sponsoredreview and the like. I already submitted paid posts to them. So, if I am going to transfer my blog to my own domain, will the URL's of the paid posts I submitted will automatically be change or do I need to update the URL? If you could please walk me through this, I would appreciate it so very much. Please also share to me any disadvantage for doing this if there is. By the way, here's my blog URl http://www.mariesweetlullaby.blogspot.com. Thank you in advance!
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• Pakistan
12 Dec 07
To help you with this I have searched on the internet and got the results. Hope this link helps you. http://www.sephyroth.net/2007/10/move-your-blogspot-blog-to-your-own-domain-with-ease/
@dhamrait (71)
• India
10 Dec 07
Hi Marie, I am into designing sites and hosting them, you are invited to host them on the ample spare space thatI have which I can offer at $25/year/25Gigs. Some of my sites are, www.sweetpals.com www.vesperdaycare.com mtshivalik.com .
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@Claidissa (108)
• United States
9 Dec 07
Hi marie, Your friends are right, your blog will stay the same. The only difference is you will have an actual domain name. If a site has your old URL, it will still bring them to your blog and it should forward to your new URL. Its actual pretty smoothly done. good luck =) -Claidissa
@MarieJ23 (1041)
• United States
9 Dec 07
Claidissa, thank you so much for the wonderful input you got here for me. I truly appreciate your quick response. As what I pointed out, my main concern are the URLs of the post that I submitted to them and I am glad it will work just fine for me, my blog and the blog paying sites. Have a great Sunday!
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@imgcul (110)
• Taiwan
21 Mar 08
hi girl, are you using the hosting of 1and1? i don't know more about the hosting of 1and1. i only know it is the largest domain register in Europe. the price of domain of 1and1 is cheap, but transfer is difficult and complicated.