Help! I love to eat junk food.

@mrsjbelle (1640)
United States
December 9, 2007 3:18pm CST
Cupcakes, Twinkies, Ding Dongs you name it I love to eat it. Oh I can't forget pop. MMMm, I have tryed to give up pop. Nope not gonna happen. Part of me feels that while we are here on earth we may as well enjoy ourselves the other part wants to be slim and healthy so it's a battle I fight on a daily basis. Does anyone else have this issue? I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and maintain a 5'6 120lb figure but after having babies & taking a sitting all day job I'm currently about 190lbs:( I'm proportionite so alot of people are surprised my weight though. I just need to lose the belly & girth in the arms. I like my behind though:)
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• Canada
9 Dec 07
If you eat unhealthy you can and may develop diseases like ( and im not saying YOU will) but they are linked to.. cancer,diabetes,heart diseases, and many many more.. if you dont mind being either hospitalized or being sick at some point in your life ( probably when people get older ) then continue in your unhealthy eating :) i hope you get healthy!
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@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
11 Dec 07
I know what you mean, its hard for me to lose weight now since I had a baby and I am a stay at home mom. I have had 3 years now trying to loose weight. it ain't easy, but what I have been doing is trying to buy fruit every time I run out. and .I skip the junk food and chips isles. I only buy the sweetest fruit for now until I get in this habit to only eat fruit then I'll buy other fruits. I walk daily. everywhere I go but that sorta helps I think its mostly how I eat. I don't eat at mcdonalds anymore. I know that probably helps. If I want to eat out we go to the grocery store and eat something from their hot section. I am still trying to cook meals at home not the quick meals either I know that would help alot.
@Ngippol (567)
• Philippines
9 Dec 07
God gave you freedom to eat whatever food you crave but always remember that there are consequences. Junk food will never be recommended by nutritionist because it doesn't contain the necessary nutrients needed by the body. It can cause some health problems. It might not be today but later in life. Many times, we are responsible for many illness we experience. Therefore, throw those junks!