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@worldwise1 (14887)
United States
December 9, 2007 7:35pm CST
As I listened to a discussion on a talk radio show about anti-depressants last night, my eyes were opened more than ever. The guest was Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, who has been very outspoken on the dangers of anti-depressants, especially in regards to children. She has spoken out often about the dangers of the drug Effexor(which is related to Special K), and she went on to add that these drugs are being over-prescribed because the drug companies are making so much money off them. They are raking in 2 hundrede million dollars per day on these anti-depressants alone. Why in the world would they want to stop producing them? She stated that studies have proved that a quiet walk in the woods is about effective as taking an anti-depressant drug-and many doctors know this! Would this information change your opinion about taking such drugs?
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10 Dec 07
well most of the medications are having side effects some are major and other have minor but problem is more in case of children so yup i agree with that it is the doctor's responsibility to give the medication whenever required and if they have a better option and other alternative that is not having side effects the time has changed as people are putting others life risk on the sake of some money
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@wolfie34 (26789)
• United Kingdom
10 Dec 07
It used to really bug me that my doctors was always trying to ram anti-depressants down my throat, everytime I went I was always 'encouraged' to take them, no not because they were concerned, well they were concerned not about my health and wellbeing, but because of the profits they weren't making because I wasn't having any of them! It's all money, money, money in this selfish, greedy world. The fact that you might actually need some real help never crosses their mind. As you know I am very anti anti depressants and marketing them in this fashion should be brought to task and the dangers rightfully exposed as to the sickening way that they are given so freely with profit in mind!
@mummymo (23707)
27 Jan 08
I do agree that many people are given anti-depressants when they may not need them but there are many of us who do. I suffer from clinical depression and although I have long spells where I am ok there are also times when I do need anti-depressants or I become very ill. These syptoms are due to having a chemical imbalance and I can tell you from past experience that without them you can become very ill - suring my last bad spell when I refused to take medication I got to the stage where I could not talk properly or walk properly as my balance was gone, there were a lot of other very unpleasant symptoms all of which were caused because the chemical involved was so very low that my brain just wouldn't work, kind of like trying to run a car without petrol! You wouldn't say that a diabetic didn't really need insulin or that they should just eat differently and they would be alright would you? Ask any dr and they will tell you that someone with clinical depression could become seriously ill without medication when it is needed. xxxx
@MsTickle (25136)
• Australia
14 Dec 07
I've long been of the belief that major pharmaceutical companies have too much power. I don't know why this is so but they just seems to get away with a lot. I also ask the question...why would a doctor cure us of our ills, when it's in their best interest that we are ill. Why are we so quick to put our faith in doctors when quite often it's our attitude that needs attention. If your doctor said, I won't be prescribing anything today but I want you to take a walk along the sea shore for half an hour everyday for a week, you'd think he was bonkers. I had a dr tell me to lose 5-10 kg and come back and see him in 4 weeks. I was offended. But perhaps he was sarcastically telling me that my problems were self induced. It didn't help me by being told that because I had been sent to him because of extrememly high blood pressure. I was also very concerned about my weight and the seemingly ineffective results of trying to shed some of it. I was quite depressed and felt I had nowhere to turn. I see many people on anti-depressants who are whinging, lazy and bored and I see others who should be on them and are struggling and working through their life trying to do it on their own. There is just too much money involved for the buisness of pharmaceuticals to ever be on the straight and narrow. There will always be corruption with so much money. Just my opinion.