Who Likes to Play RPGs Online?

United States
December 9, 2007 9:29pm CST
If you like to play RPG games online, I found a few really good games you can play. Also you can meet a lot of nice people and make some new friends as well. If you are interested please let me know and I'll share the information with you.
5 responses
11 Dec 07
I like role playing games, although I only play them on my playstation and it's very few. The only games i play online is sport or shooter 'em ups but i have been looking to play more. It's a time thing... but i would like too ;) ~Joey
• Romania
11 Dec 07
i play an rpg game.all of my day i play this rpg.i dont say his/her name because i dont know.....very weel his/her name is a long and hard name to be memorize.is a story were you chose and character and make quest to understood the story.you make skill at your specialization(magic or sword) and the game give you new speels.it is a lot of spell in game.the game is fantastic.pm me for a the game name.i want to make new friend with i can play this game.
@leo218 (23)
• Philippines
15 Dec 07
I like RPG too. May I ask what is your all time favorite RPG game? 'Coz i really want to try other games too. I really like sims 2.
@paganlord (142)
• India
12 Dec 07
The Mafia Boss is my all time favourite,it also pays real cash if you are the top mafioso and you get to make some reputation as well. please tell me if you have found some rpg of gangsta theme
@Ripiz16 (54)
• Lithuania
12 Dec 07
I play them most of time, and for now my favorite is Rappelz
@lyfhot61 (55)
• China
13 Dec 07
I also liked to play RPG games online.But because of studying,I couldn't spend too much time on it.That is why I could hardly enjoy the games very much.But now,I play games online less and less,because I'm addicted to surfing the internet,comics and movies.