Position of Women in India compared to other nations

December 10, 2007 3:49am CST
I am so concerned on the women in India, which are forced to obbey the rules that men impose, and are so depressed and so exploited. I think someday they should stand up to their human rights, fight violence and deal with men that always want to be superior and stronger. Afterall these women could contribute to their country and have so much to offer in general
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• India
11 Dec 07
i really don't know on what context u r talking.i am an Indian women who is giving e every oppurtunity to learn and earn.who said the women are suppressed.women are given free education,lots of consesions to study..women are fighting against voilences at home and work.if u see the development happeneing from the past five years you can see that their is more turnout of sucessful girl than boys in schools and colleges.if u see the IT feild there has been a very steep increse in women emplyment.what more do u need in the name of development.they are even given equal rights in their ancestoral properties!
@men82in (1270)
• India
11 Dec 07
Uptoindia women far better than past decade in all fields including poitics. Especially with government jobs they are in better positions than men. With legal field also they are better nowadays . You can see in defence sector of Officers training academies large candidates of women trained. Apart from other countries our india is in better towards women attributes and feminism activities irrespective of all caste and creed.
@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
10 Dec 07
My country is a much more backward country than India which is fast moving away from th second world to the first world. Look, you have a nuclear power and nuclear war heads already and your level of development politically, socially and economically distinguish you as developed country. The issue of gender oppression should not be so prominent in India at this time and age. In my country, the Educated women activists have raised a lot of dust politically to the oppressive men in my country. Today, women have slots in the Ugandan Parliament from every district-on every committee at the District and subcounties, there must be a woman and they try to influence policies that are friendly to women, there are obviously challenges to the socially constructed male dominance by women themselves today in my country and they are slowly being included and respected in society. The Indian women must rise up and fight for their rights-they are a political and social force which no Indian politician and Policy maker can ignore. Just Imagine that all women of India combined their votes around a common agenda for sure male politicians will bow down before them-you wont get your rights in a silver plata eftychiap, that will be expecting too much from the status quo-you can lobby, you can be an activist, you invoke the arms of the law, above all you can use the power of women votes to teach gender insensitive lessons they wont forget! If the worst comes to it, you can even go on mass anger strike to force the oppressive male engineered dominance of women to simply disappear!