Credit Card ( UPDATE )

United States
December 10, 2007 2:33pm CST
My spouse got pressured into getting a credit by a friend a few years back now . Sadly my spouse friend abused the use of the credit card all together . We did'nt of course find this out until several months later this has occured on this account.But once we did we had the credit card closed which as far as I can tell they did close credit card as was requested .We also requested a signature check be done until this very day has not been done.To prove we charged nothing on this account was fraudly used and not to go after us but the person or people who abused this account go after . Now 2 plus years later threating to garnish my spouse paycheck etc.. No they do not know where we live or have access any longer to our phone number . But now afraid go after my spouse place of empoyment is only thing I am fearing.All other grounds have been taken care of PRAISE THE LORD for this .
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