iraq depolyment!!!1

December 11, 2007 4:45am CST
hi everyone...i thought i share this with you!!!20.11.07 - the day before he left me!so here we are, i thought, the well dreaded night before he leaves.... i knew he had to go to iraq for about 2 yrs and i never thought/believed that this day would vome and here we are.... combats all over the floor, packed bags, army kit!!!! I hated the sight of it and refused to help him packing! I didnt cry that night, not until we went to bed...we took pictures of us and the kids and we held each other all night!!! his friend would pick him up the next day at 6 am and take him away from me! I kept on cleaning the flat so there wouldnt be anyting left that reminds me of him (dirty plate or cup he had his coffee out) WEll at 3am we went to bed knowing that would be the last two hours in bed with him, in his arms, having him close to me and thats all i am going to want for the next 6 months!!!!!21.11.07 -the day he left i got up with him at 5am helped him to get organized and had a coffee and a cigarette with him, i didnt cry much just a few tears .... then he got dressed and put his desert combats on!!!!!! -THAT WAS IT- Tears streaming don my face and i just couldnt hold it back anymore then he took my hand and said "should we do our round?" i took his hand and went with him while he said goodbye to the kids (a 4yr old daughter and and our 9 mnth old son) i could let him go! but i had to! I held him in my arms for a few minutes and kept on kissing him i just wanted one more minute with him!!! one more cuddle!!! one more kiss!!! i brought him to the door and we just said "stay strong i see you later and i love you and always will" i waved him down the stairs and he left!!! the kids just got up 1 min after he left so i had to stop crying ina n instant... i got the kids ready made breakfast and went on with things while he was on his way to catch a plane taking him far away to Kuwait!!!!-few days later- first call!!!!! he called to say he was fine and he still got his mobile fone and we be able to stay in touch through that for a while....i cried my eyes out when i had to put the phone down and i told him to keep his head down!!! then the big massive shock! i sat at the pc and all the sudden he logged himself in!!! i chattet to him for didnt feel like he was far away at all.. i was coping alright for quiet some time until one day he made me to the happiest gf ever!!! He logged in to msn and the next thing i knew was: i saw him...there he was on the monitor right in front of me...i guess thats when i realized how much i miss him! i kept myself busy the whole time and i still do... well for now i send him a parcel every two weeks and i send him eblueys every day as he gets them within 24hrs... he cant phone me as much as he only gets 30mins call time a week and he cant go online anymore as he is now in basra and that means its dangerous!!! I am worried constant and its hard to explain what i am going through but i managae!! I stay strong for me and for him I hope someone reads this and is interested i keep on writing on here to keep this updated....
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@lilaclady (28238)
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11 Dec 07
It must be an awful feeling, I am not sure I could cope but then I am a worry wort, my Christmas wish is that something special will happen for Christmas and all the boys will come home, my thought are with you and your wonderful man....