Why do you live in the world???

December 11, 2007 9:42am CST
I noticed that the section about making money online has a huge number of discussions and responses on Mylot. However, There are lots of discussions about ecological problems where people share their opinions and suggestions, which sometimes receive no responses for months. Hm, this brought me to a question: do you care about the world? and If you do not care, then why do you live here?-)))
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@Ngippol (567)
• Philippines
11 Dec 07
Our world is being ruined everyday as man becomes greedy because life is becoming more difficult in terms of having what you need in life. Even if there are people that really cares about the world like you, it is not enough to suppress the insurmountable force that will truly devastate planet earth. Oh I pray that I will not be a witness to the greatest catastrophe that will happen. It is only God has the ability to restore a new heaven and a new earth as he promised in His Word. Will you be a part of the new heaven and a new earth where it is perfect? Consider God!!
• Estonia
12 Dec 07
Hm...no, I am not one of those who rely on their divine, hoping that they will be brought to a better world someday. This is a sign of spiritual weakness to me. Be more realistic, and will and try to help your world. I am a Pagan, because I believe in Nature who gave me birth, and I feel obliged to help her. However, she will anyways have the power to bring the end to us all. But all the beliefs in gods that look like human beings seem to be suspicious to me...really. Be realistic, do not be passive!!!