Lj is COming to Boston

December 11, 2007 8:55pm CST
There is a rumor that LJ will be traded to Boston Celtics this December after healing his injury.. WHO DO YOU THINK WILL BE TRADED AS THE COUNTERPART OF LEBRON.. PIERCE?? GARNetT??? ALLEN?? or IDK??? for more info about this visit (nbaupdates.blogspot.com)
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• China
12 Dec 07
Oh,it's so unbelievable that if Lebron James will be traded.You know that Lebron is so talent and so an important role for his team.He is the leader,power,and fortune,etc.And there is not negative news between James and his coach.
• Philippines
12 Dec 07
he will receive a lot of money because of you.. his life has change..thank you for the love and the joy you brang..i love u so much.. and i will always do..
• China
12 Dec 07
You are funny,aha From east to west,LJ is the best at his position.So let's look into the future
@cobalt20 (1318)
• Philippines
31 Jan 08
LJ in Boston? Oh my gosh. strong team.
27 Dec 07
No,I don't agree with you,I don't think Boston will get LB,they don't need him,it has many superstars,they can help the team win the enough games,and Boston also don't want to pay more money,LB is such a good player,but maybe an other team more suit him
@kgwat70 (13392)
• United States
13 Dec 07
There is no way that Cleveland will trade Lebron James to any team. The Celtics would have to give up most of their team and draft picks to have a chance. LeBron is the Cavs team so getting rid of him would hurt them, no matter who they got in return and I doubt Boston would want to ruin their chemistry. I do not think this trade will happen.