Me and my daughter

@kylanie (1205)
United States
December 11, 2007 11:51pm CST
First of all me and my daughter live in different households and we have a good relationship but she only comes and see me when it suits her but when I try and call her she puts me on hold when she is talking to a boy and it makes me feel sad I wish that I could change thiings but don't know how does anybody hane any advice for me?
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@tiffiny (872)
• United States
14 Dec 07
My sister only calls my mom when she needs a baby sitter or money and my mom will call me to talk about how mad she gets. But what I tell my mom is meet her half way. Invite her to go to lunch once a month. Try to find things that she likes to do and make a date to do them. I hope this helps you a little bit and if this doesn't help any you may want to have a heart to heart.
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@WuBojin (32)
• China
12 Dec 07
You need to understand she.Teenagers often think much about love than familiy,because love is such a new feeling to them. The phenomenon that you complained is usual.But i think you can show some of your daughter's photos when she was very young,and show the progress of her growing up. It will help she know how much you love her,and also she may respect your feeling more.
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