If that men who Don't smoke & drink is not real men?

@mari123 (1862)
December 12, 2007 6:15am CST
Seems everybody know that smoking and drinking are not benefit for our health...but seems more and more people like to smoke and drink... and I heard that a funny story for smoking and drinking: a guy go to visit his parents -in-law in the first time...and his parents are very satisfy with his work, his family...and all other things...seems so smooth this time...at last...his future father-in-law ask for him another questions: do you smoke? -----oh, no, no... do you drink?----oh, sorry, I can not... do you like gamble sometimes?----oh, I never do it... after that guy go back home, and get the failure result soon...and he wanna know why he failed...for that father-in-law think that man doesn't smoke/drink is not a real man... Dear friends, if you are a man...do you smoke and drink?
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• Romania
16 Mar 08
I've been through a similar stage also. When I started college, I thought smoking was cool. I tried and didn't like the taste at first, but after 2 weeks I didn't mind the aftertaste anymore... Luckily, I didn't become addicted to it. I have a friend who wants to quit smoking, but he can't do so because he is so addicted with it, and he does not want to seek help...
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
13 Dec 07
From a womans point of view I admire a man who has a mind of his own and is strong enough to admit out loud that he does not smoke or needs a lot of drink, I think it shows a man who is strong and comfortable about himself and is not like a sheep that follows the majority...