child-welfare workers that lie

December 13, 2007 12:42am CST
when do the goverment ever think to take a good look at the way some of those workers lie about the parents and the child\ren. the lies they tell to the parent about the court date, to make sure you don't show up they tell you the wrong date, then you lose your child to them. then you try for a appeal, and get turned down because of the appointments they never told you about, the file on you looks like your the worst parent in the world but yet your son and you are the closest pair on the block. they make you do all the programs and you do them and still that's not enough? and then on your visits your son asks you to make sure that when you get a place of our own to make sure that there is 2 bedrooms and you look into his eyes and say yes dear i will, right mommy because i'm coming home soon,what am i to say no dear that won't happen , because the worker says i'm giving him faluse hope? so what should i say then? so because of that i havn't seen my son for 3 months and it's chistmas and she says my son can't see me for he's unstable????????? maybe because he thinks i don't care or love him because this worker is keeping us apart, i have a full time job, i have a home, and she tells me i'll never get my son back again ever? i thought they were to help family's get back together not keep them apart? if the goverment would help the single mothers with the kinda money the foster parents get, maybe the would not need so many workers out there to pay such a high rate, i'm glad they are here but they go over the top in most cases, and instead of them taking my son from me because of my x-boyfriend beating on me, they should of took us both and put us in a safe house , i chared him and all of that stuff have not been with him since, that day. and i lost my son because i did that right thing belived they were helping me..... tanja radovanovic edmonton alberta... please tell me how to fight these people i will get my son back!
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• United States
13 Dec 07
Hello I am so sorry for your situation. I too, had a problem in the past. My oldest daughter wanted to be an only child, so she told many lies and she temporary caused me to lose my other 3 children to DHR including herself pending an investigation. I was lucky enough to do everything they asked and received my children back within 2 months. DHR says dont leave your children with strangers, but the foster parents are strangers to our children when they place them in those homes. As protective as I was over my children, I still dont think its fair that an investigation can be started over lies. DHR is needed for some cases, but what about the children who are too young to understand and they think their parents just dont want them? Is that fair to put children through that?All my prayers are with you and your son. I wish you both all the best. I pray for you to get him back and recover from this awful ordeal.
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• Canada
17 Dec 07
will you help me by letting your story get seen and get used as if it's a petition for me to start a investagations on workers, you know what i mean? right? tatjanna