VIP invitation by Jo Han Mok

Project Pill Gates- Jo Han Mok - The project will be launching this 18 December 2007. It had been tested by Jo Han Mok himself and as you can see, the lowest amount made in each 15 days period was $457,012.48! 
Jo Han Mok had help many to succeed and we all knows, opportunity knock once. 

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Success Not By Chance
December 13, 2007 12:57am CST
The last time that Jo Han had contacted me was about 6 months ago and before he "dissapear", he told me to be prepared for a project he's been work on. Today, i opened my email to find a message from him. He had given me a VIP invitation for his product pre launch. After reviewing the pre launch, I just know that this is an opportunity not to be neglected. Knowing Jo Han, he's a who respect Quality. I am so confident that this Project which will be launch this 18 December 2007 will work for anyone. So, I quickly set up a blog to make it easier for me to spread the news to everybody I know. You can go to and find out more. Success Not By Chance
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