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@xusnake (278)
December 13, 2007 3:42am CST
i am a college student and i am going to graduate next year. there has a saying that is graduate means out of job. so i am worry about what i gonna do .i am a job hunter now.the society is full of competition.job likes food but to much huanger.even more jobs which can not satisfy too many job hunter.what is about you now? if you are a graduate,what is you futuer?
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• Philippines
13 Dec 07
It's depends on you. If you are a goal-oriented person and wanted to achieve something, you'll need to get it by your self. In the first place, no one can help you aside from youself, right? And besides, other people just process your application once you've applied in ther company. It's a matter of setting you expectations, doing the right thing and asking yourself if you'r on the right track. To inform you, I'm still studying in the univeristy and working in a call center company on a US based account. I'm just getting used to it since I need to save and spare some amounts for my thesis and mainly I will be working in a mining plant and I'm just enjoying things the way they are... God Speed, friend.
@xusnake (278)
• China
13 Dec 07
thank you .you are god no better than depond on ourself.i have a interview tomorrow.i think i can did it. good luck
@jr_sci (16)
• India
13 Dec 07
A graduate means out of job is no longer a concept in the mind of younger generation. People have been ruined up in search of jobs but have never tried to open up their own business. i would recommend you to open up your own private business where you are free to earn and be your own management boss.