afraid of the dark...........

December 13, 2007 5:26am CST
I have a son who is afraid of the dark. I don't know about it coz all I know is that he likes to watch horror movie and read some horror books. Until one time their tita accompany them to watch movie in their room after the movie my two son are waiting each other to go to the comfort room and I ask them why, and that's the time I know that he is affraid in the dark alone. I told them not to watch that kind of movie again if they are affraid of it. But now he borrowed again horror books from their classmate I don't know what to feel I already ask them to avoid it. What is the best thing to do so that they will not affraid alone even if they continue watching and reading horrors.
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• Philippines
14 Dec 07
i was like your son when i was a kid. i loved watching horror movies like halloween and elm street, and yet i was too afraid to sleep at night or go to the bathroom alone. i don't if it's normal or what, but now that i've grown, i'm no longer afraid of the dark (but i seldom watch horror movies now, hehe).
• China
13 Dec 07
you should teach your son to overcome old is your son?the best way to overcoming the dark is in the face of the dark.leave him alone in the dark room.let he found that dark is not formidable.that's what my father teach me.overcoming the dark,teach your son to overcome all the barricades ,which are in front of him.