Is This Part of the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"...

@anniepa (27248)
United States
December 13, 2007 4:18pm CST
...or is it just my cable company? The first few times it happened I was in the dining room where my computer is and my mom was in the next room in front of the TV; I knew it WAS tuned in to MSNBC, but then an ad came on for the Fox News morning show. I asked my mom when she changed the channel and she said she didn't. I thought she was confused because she is 91, but sure enough, it was still on MSNBC! Now they've also started advertising Bill O'Reilly's show. I can't understand why a TV network would be advertising their competition this way. Any ideas? Annie
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@urbandekay (18311)
14 Dec 07
Money all the best urban
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