Time management

December 13, 2007 6:24pm CST
I seem to always need more time more days more hours more months in my life....... How do you find extra time... or organize your life so you have enough time to do what you want to do and what you need to do??? Help please
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@Sissygrl (10914)
• Canada
14 Dec 07
My mother in law seems to have this method: She does 3 things at once and half assedly does each of them to the best of her ability. She also tends not to sleep and never stops moving long enough to take anytime for herself. I think you just need to prioritize the things you wanna do and pick from them. If you are REALLY bad with time, you may want to write yourself out a schedule of things you need/want to do each day the night before. It might not work for the first little while but if you push yourself and keep at it you might be able to pull it off. Personally i jsut dont put too much stuff on my plate at once. It's really not worth stressing yourself out for. I dont make promises to people for things i will do. and if i do i tell them i dont know when i'll get it done, but i WIll get it done, and i do do it eventually.
16 Dec 07
I know people like your mother in law. That is definatly not what I am striving for although I can say I have fallen into the been there done that catagory. Prioritizing is a must and I am trying to do just that. Not stressing is another project I am working on.. Thanks for the reply
• Pakistan
14 Dec 07
Time is moving to its future with unfeeling speed. The people who could run with the speed of time could get their destination. Do not stop on any place. Keep continue moving with the speed of time. This could only be done if you manage your work. organize your self. make a job list and distribute your 24 hours on different heads of your job list. Hole is the name of my organizer. H of hole is for jobs relating to my home. O stands for the jobs of my Office. L of the word hole is for my literary works, and E is for extra jobs. I start my day to see the job list relating to my home. After completing it I go to the Office job list and so on. I enjoy it well and perform very nicely. I have such feelings that I am moving with time and I hope that the time will pay me the reward. I have confined needs. I do not touch the work which is out of my reach. so I am quite satisfied with my work.
16 Dec 07
how beautifully stated Thank you Organization is definatly one of my issues I like your akronim I will definatly give it a try. Ann