Can you make money from a free website?

United States
December 14, 2007 1:36pm CST
I have heard more cons then pros about using free websites for any business adventures that one may have. Although, I have tried a few, I am always torn between staying with them or just paying for one. I wouldn't mind paying for one if I new a good one, but with just starting out, I would like to make a little money instead of spending a lot of it. What I was wondering is: Can you really make money using a free website. (As you might have guessed "I haven't" as just yet). And if I pay for one....What am I looking for to buy?
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• India
14 Dec 07 its free you will see your money growing!!
• India
14 Dec 07 above is wrong!!
@Low333333 (223)
• China
14 Dec 07
the things you can use.or it's a weste. have a good time!