Your ideal school

Czech Republic
December 14, 2007 6:00pm CST
I'm a student and so I would like to ask all of you: What would your ideal school look like? What would the teachers be like? What would the school itself be like? What would be the equipment, where would the school be situated ? Anything! I'm interested in your opinions so go on.
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• United States
15 Dec 07
Well Daniel, it actually depends on the level of the school you are talking about. Assuming that you are talking about college, which I will be going to in a few months, I would want the teachers to actually care about their students and actually love teaching as well. The school would be big, and everyone would be of a good nature. There would be no one on campus who would feel the need to hurt others. Everyone on campus would get along and the school would be situated right in between starbuck's and the mall. I know, I know, I live in a dream world, but you asked! BTW what do you mean by "equipment"
• Czech Republic
15 Dec 07
The school from your dream world would be really great! By equipment I mean anything in that school. From tables or couches (much better than chairs in my school) to TVs, flowers and so on.
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• Czech Republic
17 Dec 07
The school i attend now is very far from ideal school. I would like my school to have better equipment, much nicer teachers, and so on.... But i dont think i will ever find a school like that.
@laylomo (166)
• United States
16 Dec 07
My ideal school would be smaller than most campuses. I think a smaller, tight-knit school is better because you have the individual attention of professors and students. The school should be located in the suburbs, but not too far from a major city or area. The students should be socially active and together.
@mik0930 (372)
• Philippines
15 Dec 07
My ideal school would be a school with a lot of cool and nice teachers. I don't mind on the aesthetics much, cause there are times quality and learning experience is compromised by useless aesthetics. A school with a fairly updated equipment would be okay, I'm not demanding for really high end equipments, they just mean more tuition!