why are the wealthy people so stingy?

@mari123 (1862)
December 15, 2007 6:30am CST
I have seen many wealthy peole who are so stingy.They bargain even for one euro although I know how much money they have. There were times when I had little money and I was obliged to be careful with spending it. There were times when I had to save money in order to reach a target. However in times when I had money I spent it according to my needs very easily. Even when I did not have enough I did not care for spending a small amount of money. I haveseen many rich people who get panic when they are obliged to spend money.They never give to people ,they behave as if they did not have a euro. I really can not understand this behaviour.The more money I have the more I spend. What is the use of having thousands of dollars and be so stingy?I will never understand this attitude. Your comments please.
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@bcote212 (1112)
• United States
15 Dec 07
Most people who are weathy are not stingy with their money. People that are weathy generally know the value of a dollar, and do not want to be taken advantage of. There are plenty of people out there who would take advantage of a person by charging to much for a service just because the person had a lot of money. i have family members who have a great deal of money and give a great deal of money to charities.
@lucgeta (924)
• France
15 Dec 07
It's one euro here another there and there and there ... You get the picture. Or he paid one so maybe next time two and so on. If people are happy paying 10 for a shirt they might pay as well 11 or 12. But is people are saying 10 is too much it worths 7 or 8, the seller might think twice before raising the price.
@balasri (26546)
• India
15 Dec 07
Because most of the poor are so lazy.